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An Ohio State professor is designing a class around comic books.

While doing that, Frederick Luis Aldama is looking at why one demographic seems under-represented when the books are made into movies.

 His latest book, “LatinX Superheroes in Mainstream Comics” explores the absence of Latino characters in comic book movies.

“Surprisingly all of the encyclopedias and documentaries maybe mention one or two, even though we are a 50 to 60 a list type superheroes,” he said.

Aldama said Batman’s Bain is actually a Latino supervillain, born on a Caribbean island.

“Here we could’ve had this great opportunity for Chris Nolan to actually bring in an A List super villain that’s Latino but instead we picked Tom Harding,” Aldama said.

The professor said he hopes his book and his students will inspire change.

“It is through story that we can bridge social differences,” he said.

Originally posted to ABC6 News on October 20, 2017 by WSYX/WTTE