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Welcome to the Planetary Republic of Comics!

Today more than ever we’re seeing the results of the rise of a planetary republic of comics.  The history of comic books is a global one.  Comic book creators from around the world are grown within their respective national soils but always with an insatiable appetite to learn from others beyond their proximate experience.

Comic book creators read and are inspired by other comic book creators from all over the planet. Like a planetary a relay-race, they constantly innovate comic book storytelling forms and content to make new our perception, thought, and feeling about the world we live in.

Comics are made and consumed all over the planet. Because of different histories of publishing, translating, and marketing some countries like France, Belgium, the US, Japan, and some countries of Latin America are better known as producers of comics. However, if one looks carefully, there’s nearly no place on the planet that doesn’t have some kind of tradition of comic book making and consuming.

The Planetary Republic of Comics knowledge portal aims to capture this history of global cross-pollination that includes the physical transmigration of artists and their styles and worldviews from one place (region or country) to another.  Its content makes visible those creators from around the world who have chosen to use visual and verbal devices to give shape to stories (fiction and non-fiction) that make up our planetary republic of comics.

Planetary Republic of Comics serves as a living, breathing space that provides accessible scholarly knowledge about comic books and graphic nonfiction from around the world.  Here you will find:

  • Knowledge archive of comics and graphic nonfiction
  • Webinar lectures and courses
  • Video podcast interviews with creators
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