LASER: Latinx Space for Enrichment Research

The White House Hispanic Bright Spot awarded LASER/Latinx Space for Enrichment Research. LASER has built community on campus by working with communities off campus—Latinx graduate students work with Latinx undergraduates on campus, and both groups work with Latinx high school students in the wider community. With LASER Hubs in schools and libraries across the greater Columbus area, and with virtual hubs reaching rural Latinx Ohioans, every student in the program successfully makes it to OSU (or a LASER partner college) and then thrives once in college.

Latinx Space for Enrichment and Research (LASER) nurtures a community of students and scholars engaged in expanding the presence of Latinos in higher education, enriching the undergraduate research experience, and helping to prepare students for successful application to college, professional, and graduate school programs. Signature programs include: a three-stage mentoring system that supports students from high school through undergraduate and graduate school; Latino Role Models Day designed to increase the presence of Latinos in all facets of education and professional life; and SÕL-CON: The Brown & Black Comix Expo. The LASER program and its community of students, staff, teachers, and parents celebrates and affirms diversity and inclusion. The LASER program and its community provide a safe space of enrichment and research for all Latinos.


  • LASER at Ohio University
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