LATINX Role Models Day 2018

Conceived by Professor Frederick Luis Aldama, Latinx Role Models Day seeks to engage Latinx high school students in the Central Ohio area directly with the Ohio State University, aiming to “use education, exposure and an empowering message to help students explore their options.”

“Often, when teachers or counselors see a brown person walk into a classroom, they automatically make assumptions about them, instead of thinking ‘Let’s talk
about college,’” Aldama said. “We want Latinx students thinking of themselves as college material.”

What began in 2015 with a small contingent of 35 students has, as of 2018, ballooned to more than 500 students visiting the campus to meet with faculty, staff, and other parties to help make the American Dream a reality for a generation of Latinx Ohioans.

Latinx Role Models Day is hosted annually through the Ohio State University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion.


Columbus Dispatch article by Alissa Widman Neese