Tony Yuk-Long Wong is regarded as pioneer of the kungfu/ wuxia manhua genre in China. Wong founded his own publishing company, Jademan (Holdings) limited to house and publish both his own works as well as the works of other influential manhua artists of the time. Starting at the age of thirteen, during in an era of new media that fighting for the attention of consumers he gained popularity for works that combined the styles influenced by Japanese “manga” (comics) and violent fight sequences derived from the kungfu/ wuxia tradition. He is credited for influencing a generation of artists in his industry. Although he still maintains his immense wealth from his prior successes, Wong admits that the manhua genre has experienced a decline due to the new wave of digital media and competition with the now established gaming.

Wong founded his company, Jademen (Holdings) Limited, in part due to censorship of his (usually) violent manhua. The resulting governmental restriction he felt led to create his own publishing house, in which he was the principal artist, publisher and distributor of his work. He also attracted a following of other talented artists to his publishing house such as Ma Wing Shing (1961) best known for his manhua serials, Fung Wan and Chinese Heroes. A few notable works by Wong himself include: Oriental Heroes/ Dragon Tiger Gate (previously known as Little Rascals) that has been in publication since 1970, and Legend of Emperors that began its run in 1993. Both feature elements of wuxia that exemplify honor and chivalry (while the latter actual set in a fictional ancient China). The company diversified into other genres, such as comedy and romance and horror. In some manhua published during this time, Wong appears as his comic alter ego named Jademan Wong. His character appears as crude caricature of himself, in various controversial situations.His alter ego’s appearances have been described as being both sexist and racist.

In 1991, Wong was forced to leave his company and was shortly later jailed for forgery. Upon release in 1993, Wong created another company, Jade Dynasty to house his new works.It is ambiguous as to whether or not he still retains control of his previously authored works under Jademan (Holdings) Limited. To date, he is still creating and illustrating manhua.

— Shelly Qiu

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