Numair Abbas is a Pakistani animator. He is the creator, director, producer and The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Numairical Studios and has been since the company was founded on August 2, 2010. Numair was born on May 26. He currently lives in Islamabad, Pakistan. Numair graduated from The University of California (UCLA) in Los Angeles, California in 2008. At UCLA he studied film, television and theater. Numair graduated from UCLA with a degree in animation. He also attended The National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan and graduated in 2000 with a degree in graphic design. At these universities he learned multiple languages and is proficient in English, Urdu, Russian and Romanian. As a profession, he was an Instructor of Animation at Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi from March 2010 to September 2011. His background in animation and graphic design, from attending two colleges, and from teaching, provided him with the experience to create Numairical Studios, his current profession.

Numairical Studios is an animation production studio. They specify in Animation, Illustration, Live Action, Visual Effects and Sound/Music. They produce 2D, 3D and experimental animation for film, games, video and online media. Their artists draw, paint, photograph and produce images. They can edit any film and can design and/or add images to the film they are given. At Numairical Studios, Numair is currently working towards launching Pakistan’s first ever fully animated 2D sitcom. It is to be called “The Apartment Complex,” and is expected to air on a local television channel. “The Apartment Complex” focuses on people living in illegally built and destroyed apartments. Numair states, “the building is a metaphor for our country and what we do in it. So we’ve got some really crazy characters and they’re all actually personifications of stereotypes of our people (Rehman 2011).” He hopes to make people laugh at this series only to make them realize that they are laughing at themselves. He is going to include themes such as power outages, political issues, gender recognition and more Pakistani based matters. He takes pride in the fact that the series will be created and animated by only local animators. Numair’s talents that he applies to his job everyday include Animation, Traditional Animation, Film Production, After Effects, Computer Animation, Graphic Design, Storyboarding, Character Animation, Digital Illustration and Illustration. Numair believes that animation takes a long time to be finalized and that serious animators need professional managers to make sure that they have the time they need to perfect their animations. Therefore, he is known to put a lot of time and effort into his work.

Throughout his years in school, Numair had been awarded the P@SHA ICT Best of Education Award in 2004, the Fullbright Scholarship for International Exchange Students and the Chuck Jones Award for creativity in 2006.

H. E. Haines

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