ProfessorLatinX Interviews Dr. Michelle Ann Abate

Professor Latinx talks with Dr. Abate about her journey to comics studies, how she sees her work intervening intellectually, creatively, politically in the academy and the world, what she likes to teach, and her new book, Funny Girls, among many other topics.

An Interview with Jonathan Culler—Literary Studies Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

Interview with Jonathan Culler conducted by Frederick Luis Aldama Jonathan Culler stands today as one of the most influential scholars of literature – and historian scholars of literary theory. The following interview provides only the snapshot of Culler’s significant presence and influence through his decades of scholarship and teaching in university classrooms. As we [...] – Using Comics to Inspire Inclusion

Ohio State Professor Frederick Luis Aldama is enriching views of arts and culture one incredible lecture at a time. Ohio State faculty member Frederick Luis Aldama talks to his students about the need for more diversity in comics. Frederick Luis Aldama has been teaching undergraduates since his arrival at Ohio State in 2005. He [...]

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