ProfLatinX: Many think of comics as entertainment, but they are so much more. Can you tell me about the politics of El Peso Hero?

HR: El Peso Hero is a humanitarian foremost regardless of politics. He is a modern superhero dealing with a humanitarian crisis. He is setting an example for people to follow. Help your fellow human being. We need pragmatic immigration reform now.

ProfLatinX: Superman, Cap America, Wonder Woman, Magneto, Nightwing, and many others have battled fascists. Today, we have Latinx creators like Gabby Rivera sending Marvel’s America Chavez back in time to kick Hitler’s culo—and that means butt.

You made the bold move to have El Peso KO DJT. Is the current political climate such that you and others have to be more bold in your message to readers?

HR: We have fans that are border patrol agents. I met one at Texas Latino Comic Con who really appreciates us speaking out on the border issues. One of the great things about being an independent small press is that we stay true to our character and story. We have a pulse on our community and give the opportunity to readers to step into the shoes of a central American refugee who fights back—for all of us.

ProfLatinX: Having a Latinx superhero throw a punch at DJT can be empowering for readers who feel backed into corners. Do you also see your comics as a call to action?

HR: We need to combat the rhetoric—and with no pulling of punches! We need to take a stand. In a country of immigrants, we all have a bit of El Peso Hero in all of us.

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