Latinx Pop Culture publishes books that aim to shed light on all aspects of Latinx cultural production and consumption as well as the Latinx presence globally in popular cultural phenomena in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century.

The books analyze and make visible the variety and vitality of the presence and significant influence of Latinx popular culture in the US and beyond. The books are vibrant scholarly works on key figures and seminal topics in Latinx popular culture, offering a critical, interpretive lens with a lasting impact. The books in the series are designed for lay readers, faculty, and students alike, who seek accessible scholarship on key topics and figures in the making of Latinx popular culture. They provide crucial orientation for further study and equip readers with the knowledge to engage with key Latinx popular cultural figures and their products.

Books published and forthcoming include: Isabel Molina-Guzman’s Modern Family & Latina/o Comedy on Today’s Primetime Television; Paloma Martínez-Cruz’s Food Fight!: Mestiz@ Foodways as a Decolonial Project; Enrique García’s Comic Books and the Caribbean; Ilan Stavans’s Sor Juana Pop; Jesus Lara’s Latino Urbanism: Cultural Resiliency, Placemaking, and Strategies for Re-urbanization; Ellie Hernandez’s Hidden in Plain Sight: Joteria in U.S. Popular Culture; Frederick Aldama’s Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics.

Latinx Pop Culture Series
University of Arizona Press. Co-edited with Arturo James Aldama.