This trade book series publishes trade graphic and comic books (graphic novels, memoir, nonfiction, and more) by Latinx writers and artists.

The series publishes fiction and nonfiction works with any balance of text and visual narrative, from larger graphic narratives to collections of vignettes or serial comics, in color and black and white, both fiction and nonfiction. Projects in the series take up themes of all kinds, exploring topics from immigration to family, education to identity. The series provides a place for exploration and boundary pushing, and will celebrate hybridity, experimentation, and creativity. Books in the series exemplify the full breadth of creative visual work being created by today’s Latinx artists.

Books published and forthcoming in the series include: Alberto Ledesma’s Diary of a Reluctant Dreamer; Ilan Stavans’s and Santiago Cohen’s Angelitos; Eric J. García’s Machete; Wilfred Santiago’s Thunderbolt; José Alaniz’s The Phantom Zone & Other Stories; Aldama’s The Latinographix Collection; Lalo Alcaraz’s Best of the Archives collection.

Latinographix. The Ohio State University Press.