Coedited with Professor Lourdes Torres (DePaul University), this book series focuses on the Latino/a experience in its totality as set within a global dimension.

Books published in the series showcase the variety and vitality of the presence and significant influence of Latino/as in the shaping of the culture, history, politics and policies, and language of the Américas—and beyond. The series welcomes scholarship regarding the arts, literature, philosophy, popular culture, history, politics, law, and language studies, among others. Books in the series draw from scholars from around the world.

Books published and forthcoming include: Melissa Castillo-Garsow and Jason Nichols’s  La Verdad: A Reader of Hip Hop Latinidades; Jesús Rosales’s and Vanessa Fonseca’s Spanish Perspectives on Chicano Literature and Culture: Literary and Cultural Essays; Edgardo Meléndez’s Sponsored Migration: The State and Puerto Rican Postwar Migration to the United States; Jennifer Rudolph’s Baseball as Mediated Latinidad: Race, Masculinity, (Trans)Nationalism and Performances of Identity; Ignacio Corona’s Embodied Identifications and the Recontextualization of Rock, among others.

Global Latin/o Americas. The Ohio State University Press.