I see my publication record as a journey that seeks a deep understanding of how we create and actively consume all variety of cultural phenomena from comic books to film to TV, novels, poetry, video games, and sports.

I’m not only excited to share what I know about how all of these and more are built, but also how we actively receive, make our own, then recreate this cultural phenomenon in materially transformative ways.  For this reason I’ve found myself exploring aspects of narrative theory, ethics, aesthetics, and cognitive development.

A great deal of my scholarly explorations focus on Latinx cultural phenomena. I seek to identify and solidify vital new areas of study here—from comics to film to anything yet to be imagined.  I seek to enrich, expand, and complicate our understanding of Latinx cultural studies.  To this end, I have published my first book of fiction/graphic fiction.

In all my scholarly and creative work, I keep centrally in mind its civic engagement and purpose as well as its powerful capacity to open up understanding to the humanities as actively shaped and vitally transformed by the presence of Latinxers.